Department of General Geology and Geotourism

geotourism, sedimentology, regional geology, micropaleontology, dendrochronology, cartography, GIS, spatial modelling, geostatistics


The scientific activity of the Department in the field of mineralogical sciences is focused on: Raman and IR spectroscopy of minerals, crystallochemistry of beryl and garnet groups, microprobe analyses of mineralogical rarities from various locations in the Sudety Mts., Poland and worldwide, mineralogy and petrography of pegmatites from the Sudety Mts., meteorites, origin of color in selected gemstones, identification of synthetic gemstones, imitations and simulated gemstones, type localities of minerals, application of non-destructive methods to studies of minerals and collectioning of minerals. Several reseach projects were and are run in cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific institutions, and with mineral collectioners.