Department of General Geology and Geotourism

geotourism, sedimentology, regional geology, micropaleontology, dendrochronology, cartography, GIS, spatial modelling, geostatistics

Sedimentology and tectonics of the Carpathians

The members of department published numerous monographic elaborations and scientific papers, often in international journals, focused on lithology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and conservation of nature of the Carpathians. They have been very active during several national and international meetings/congresses. In recent years the most important scientific results were connected with lithostratigraphy of the Skole Unit, sedimentology of the Skole and Silesian units deposits, and the Pieniny Klippen Belt as well. Wide investigations of diatomite-type rocks of the Carpathians were also very important, and especially discovery of new resources, and discovery of deep Carpathian structures by means of geophysics-geological methods. Our employees worked also on carbonate rocks of the Silesian-Kraków Homocline, sedimentation of the Upper Silesian coal basin deposits, Miocene deposits of Bełchatów brown coal pit mine and recognizing of deep structures in the Lublin coal basin. Our department has been a main organizer or co-organizer of three meetings of the Polish Geological Society, two conferences of Polish Paleontologists and one symposium of Sedimentological branch of the Polish Geological Society.